Friday, April 5, 2013

The final Ib version 1.05 is out!

As the title says, Kouri has updated Ib for what he says is the final time.

I haven't downloaded it quite yet, but here is what VG, the English translator of Ib, had to say about the changes:

It’s really just a bunch of bugfixes, though. Nothing to get excited about. Also, saves from 1.04 will work.
- Garry won’t comment on the Liars’ Room unless you actually do it.
- You can no longer save as solo Mary, since you’re locked onto an ending you can’t continue from.
- When on a second playthrough, the portraits for the save files have a + in the corner. For old saves, this will only take effect when Ib, Garry, and Mary first join (Ib “joining” when you get an ending).
- The new dungeon is a little easier; there are more vases (one at the start, and a second in Abyssal Park… if Garry’s dead), and the croquis room has one less red guy and no stools to get in the way.
- There are pamphlets in the true exhibition explaining New Game Plus and stuff.
- The music list in the true gallery is fancier-looking now.
- Some things that got left out of the true gallery were added, including a very special guest.
Lastly, kouri confirmed he has no plans for any further updates.
On a final note, sorry I have yet to update this blog, folks! I recently injured my wrist, so I have not been able to completely check out Ib 1.04. I've done quite a bit, though, and I like what I see! I only have two more endings to go until I feel confident in my ability to discuss it completely.

Once again, the game can be downloaded from here.

Ib is also now available to download for the Mac! If you have a Mac and would like to play the game, visit the link I posted and go down to where it says "Mac."

Other things to look forward to, I'll probably be doing a series of playthroughs for a few more horror RPG games, like The Witch's House, Mad Father, The Crooked Man (all of these have been translated by VG as well), but I won't be doing so for another month, probably, but look out for my reviews on them nonetheless!

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